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Kiss saliva

Whether it's boosting your immune system, or giving you morning breath, kissing has a lot more going on than meets the eye. So nearly everyone does it. This one tip will improve your sex life, Canadian researcher suggests For the study, they recruited 21 couples, who were asked about their daily kissing habits. Another hypothesis is that French kissing allows women to build up resistance to possible infections during pregnancy. While men are not selective in terms of kissing, women are very choosy. That suggests they are unconsciously trying to transfer testosterone to stimulate sex drive in women. Why do we want to know all this? It was late and dark, and all I could smell was wet grass and teenage boy a funny mixture of sweat, chips and damp socks. Hand, foot, and mouth disease, caused by the Coxsackie virus, is another infectious disease that is spread through open sores in the mouth. Specifically cortisol stress levels decreased in men and women after kissing, and the longer a couple is together, the lower their stress hormones get. Actinomyces Stick around and survive Microbes that end up in your mouth have to stick there, otherwise they will be swallowed. Kiss saliva

Kiss saliva

Kiss saliva

Kiss saliva

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    Kissing is relatively infrequently represented in the art of ancient Greece and Rome, Lateiner said. Others theorize that kissing started out as a gesture of fusion or union of souls. Infectious Diseases in Saliva Infectious diseases can be spread through several routes of transmission.

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