How to amaze your boyfriend 20 Things You Can Do With Your Mouth That Will Drive a Man Crazy

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If Your Boyfriend Does These 8 Things, He’s In Love With You

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How to amaze your boyfriend

Try a New Sensitive Spot The underside of your tongue will feel really good on his most sensitive spots — namely his nipples, an often ignored erogenous zone on men. To take the passion level up a notch, gently pull his head back and to the side, which will expose an extra-sensitive tendon running from the ear to the shoulder, says St. But when you switch from one type of texture to another, you'll keep his senses on maximum alert — which will keep him begging for more. Play With Temperature All you need is a cup of coffee or an iced drink for this trick. Katrina, 33, has found that this move works wonders on her husband. Give a Hands-Free Massage Straddle your husband as he lies on his stomach, and then press your mouth firmly into the nape of his neck. And if all those places you touch him feel good, think about how much better he'll feel when your mouth is on it. Skip the candles and bubbles—they're not dude-friendly—but set up some of his favorite slow jams to help him chill. How to leave your guy feeling loved and adored ] 12 Be genuine. If your boyfriend has a hard time talking about the future, do not plan anything that implies you are thinking about spending the rest of your life with him. Tickle His Torso Even though "they won't readily admit it," there are lots of places men would love if you lavished attention on, says Eric M. Good question. By Brittany Talarico Apr 12, It's not easy to think of ways to make your boyfriend feel special flowers just aren't going to cut it. You can make him a cute lunch with a love note inside that he can discover. How to amaze your boyfriend

How to amaze your boyfriend

How to amaze your boyfriend

How to amaze your boyfriend

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    By Redbook and additional reporting by Judy Dutton Jan 20, Getty Images Obviously, you know how to make your partner feel good in the bedroom. Skip the candles and bubbles—they're not dude-friendly—but set up some of his favorite slow jams to help him chill.

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    Anyone can be by your side when your life is on a high, but what happens when you hit a rough patch? If you want to impress him, simply express your gratitude. View Gallery 9 Photos 1 of 9 Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms Not only will he dig the meal you've put together for him, he won't be able to take his eyes off your butt as you bend down to open the oven and reach for ingredients in the back of the fridge.

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    Fun and fantastic ways to surprise your boyfriend ] 2 Make him his favorite meal.

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