Cofounder dating sites Will You Marry Me? The Art Of Choosing A Cofounder

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Cofounder dating sites

We spent two months working together, getting to know each other and really thinking through the product. Often times the first person you hire ends up filling the same role a cofounder would. So before you say "I do" to that special business partner in your life, go through these questions to determine whether they are the right person for you: For instance, garnering media coverage by using tried, tested, and proven PR strategies can increase attention to your startup leading to more success. If you want to meet other entrepreneurs online or offline, while you are searching for the perfect co-founder fit for your startup, check these six websites. On this platform, you can find your co-founder in whatever shape and skill-set you desire. I haven't found alot of people who are serious and committed to building something. The site was launched in by Jessica Atler, as she wanted a platform that provided a network of like-minded individuals to allow "people to do what they really wanted to do in life. My takeaway is that these are not magic bullets. A common piece of advice is to just start working on a side project with someone and see where it goes. Relatedly, might it be better to be a solo founder than to find a co-founder you don't already know well? You wouldn't just walk down the aisle after meeting someone on an online dating site and exchanging a few messages or going on a few dates either hopefully , and you probably shouldnt launch a company after a few beers with someone you met on a website. More from Entrepreneur. The only thing that works is that you need to be "out there" looking. A big space will include many people open to teaming up. Founder2be This has been compared to the dating site Match. My advise is to know exactly what you are looking for and then recruit for that dream candidate. Cofounder dating sites

Cofounder dating sites

Cofounder dating sites

Cofounder dating sites

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    Let us know in the comments below. The possibility of encountering the triple coincidence of a free agent with the complementary skills you need, and an interest in your startup's particular space and stage is almost zero. However, a payment plan is available that offers a wide range of features like the ability to contact an unlimited number of co-founders per month, suggestions of recommended candidates for your startup and priority in search listings where you get seen on top of the results page when entrepreneurs are searching for co-founders.

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    Starting a company is not very fun most of the time. Startup Weekend Startup weekends are hour long events that happen over the course of the weekend beginning Friday and ending on Sunday. Founder Dating can be a good way to find people who are interested in starting a company, so you can be on the same page about that at least.

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