The smurfs kkk On this day 60 years ago, The Smurfs made their TV debut

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The smurfs kkk

Also, the Smurfs were constantly exhorted to work for the good of the community, and many clearly moralistic plotlines involved one of the Smurfs shirking his duties and disaster resulting. Is this hate-ridden slander? And so forth. That very deadened feeling, which is so very different from feeling sad. The villain of the story, Gargamel, was a man who bore resemblance to a parody of a stereo-typical Jewish man with dark hair and prominent features. Satanic smurfs? But lets look at the edit history, and see how far your story deviates from reality. After that, well, Saying that someone does something out of spite is a personal attack though, albeit a minor one. It is from thier presskit from info Peyo gave them to use for selling the show to different markets! If you can't get IMPS to put it on the website, get some French linguists over here that can confirm that the word Schtroumpf existed before Peyo used it. The smurfs kkk

The smurfs kkk

The smurfs kkk

The smurfs kkk

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  • Moogurn says:

    October 23th They can be restored if they are backed up. See comparison for the moment it got removed and the argument used.

  • Faezshura says:

    He had every right because it was own. A show that presented views that society considered good and right and intermixed a way to subtly express his owns views and opinions.

  • Bakree says:

    No, Cobaltbluetony his actual user name made the next edit [29] , agreeing with my change and reverting yours. The first appearance of Smurf is exactly as old as the first appearance of Schtroumpf, as the French magazine Spirou and the Dutch translation Robbedoes appeared simultaneously and still do, by the way.

  • Nikus says:

    Please give me one serious source that states that schtroumpf was an existing word official or slang for whatchamacallit in whatever language you like before Peyo used it. Sony Pictures The Smurfs opens this Friday, and is being marketed as a fun, 3-D family adventure filled with harmless cute little guys in white caps. Fram then moved it, I had put it at the top of the list and he moved it to the bottom, Fram then removed it altogtether.

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    The cast included some of the greatest voice actors ever:

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