Getting married in usa with foreigner Get Married Abroad or Bring Your Foreign Fiance To The U.S.?

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Getting married in usa with foreigner

Our guide offers pointers on the legal requirements, where and when you can hold your ceremony, and steps to take after the wedding. We need this history before we can determine your options. Come armed with lease agreements, letters from employers, and above all, a return ticket. Your spouse can remain outside the U. Changing Your Name If you choose to change your last name after you are married, make sure that your choice will be recognized in your home country. What are the basic eligibility requirements for a fiancee petition? Upon approval, your spouse can enter the U. Documents certifying the end of any previous relationship such as death or divorce certificates , translated into the local language, and authenticated. Updated January 21, Can you get married on a travel visa? Your spouse's permanent residence may be granted at that interview or shortly thereafter. If speed is important to you, ask an attorney for the latest information and an analysis of your options. The main question is whether the foreigner intends to abide by the terms of the visa they hold. Some of the more common questions are addressed below. Can I Marry a Non-U. Getting married in usa with foreigner

Getting married in usa with foreigner

Getting married in usa with foreigner

Getting married in usa with foreigner

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    Your spouse will receive either permanent residence or conditional residence which expires after two years unless renewed , depending on the length of the marriage. While this is permissible, we recommend that you have sufficient evidence to convince the CPB officials that you plan to go back to your own country before your visa expires.

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    For example, a foreigner should not come to the U. Once you have all of these done, it should be fairly straightforward to change your name everywhere else, e.

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    The Consulate will then invite him or her to apply for the actual fiancee visa. Fiancee status automatically expires after 90 days.

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    Some of the requirements you might encounter are: The main question is whether the foreigner intends to abide by the terms of the visa they hold. Procedures vary from country to country, and some require lengthy preparation.

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