Facts about guys that girls should know 50 Things Every Woman Should Know About Guys

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Facts about guys that girls should know

Men can pretend that they could not hear you when they are too busy working or playing. It might be wise to actually listen, not just read, to what I have written for you. So, if you feel that he is suffering from a commitment phobia, this may mean that he is thinking it carefully before he decides to have a new relationship. So she ends up staring at the phone, waiting for you to call, giving her social life a big kick in the butt. According to a research [2] , men also love receiving compliments similar to women. Guys hate sluts. Men are liars and on an average, they often lie 6 times a day, more than women do. We will appreciate it. Some other things that you can attract a guy include a lovely smile, the way you flick your own hair or the way you look at him. Guys rarely say that. Facts about guys that girls should know

Facts about guys that girls should know

Facts about guys that girls should know

Facts about guys that girls should know

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