21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

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21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

A nickel or brass picture frame would look good on his wall. Appeal to his artistic side with a musical-themed gift If your husband is a musician, a new tuba or saxophone would be the perfect gift for him to enjoy , and help him to hone his musical talent. Thought to stimulate psychic properties, this crystal is said to be the stone of travellers and can reflect your wishes for the couple to sail safely through the stormy seas of life. A brass photograph frame, showcasing a lovely picture of the couple is another perfect choice, as is a set of shiny brass mugs. Whatever you decide to buy for your partner, make sure the 21st wedding anniversary gift for your husband is one that makes him go wow. Brass is also a beautiful and stylish gift with which to surprise your loved ones. A greenfingered couple may love a brass plant-sprayer, or some brass pots, ideal for displaying favourite plants. Give him the gift of a couple of brass bookends, so he can keep his collection tidy. Bouquets of all kinds are perfect anniversary gifts , however ones that incorporate the traditional flower associated with the particular anniversary year have even greater powers of expression. Keepsakes for his sentimental side Give the sentimental man in your life a keepsake made from either nickel or brass. Often, roses are chosen as the ideal alternative because of their great beauty and connotations of love and romance. For couples who enjoy game nights with their friends, a set of dominos with brass inlays or a chess set with a brass checkered board would be extremely appropriate and thoughtful 21st wedding anniversary presents, or perhaps you would like to think outside the box and surprise the lucky duo with tickets to a brass band concert as a clever twist on the theme. The traditional twenty first anniversary gift is brass, a material shared with the 7th year of marriage. If your husband is one of the declining number of smokers, give him a brass or nickel lighter, and add that all important engraving. Something useful and decorative Brass and nickel make very eye catching trim pieces, so find him something he can use, but something that will also be a conversation piece. Brass or nickel can feature in a number of interesting gifts. Reflecting the joining of two into one, as brass is a combination of two metals, forged together to increase their strength, so a brass wedding anniversary gift reminds the couple of their individual facets which have been melded into a single union, greater than the sum of its parts, able to overcome trials and challenges thrown in its path. 21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

21st wedding anniversary gift ideas

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    Focusing on Traditional 21st Anniversary Gifts Traditional gifts are a great way to demonstrate a deeper level of thought and effort to your loved ones on a special anniversary occasion. A unique iolite pendant or pair of earrings would be an unusual and yet highly relevant 21st wedding anniversary gift for her that embodies one of the traditional themes of this marital occasion. What is the Traditional 21 Year Gemstone?

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