Pregnant women are sexy 5 Reasons Pregnancy Is Sexy

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Pregnant women are sexy

And for some women, this can lead to insecurities about stretch marks that weren't there before, or boobs that might not be quite as perky as they were previously. And if mom is pregnant, pregnancy is attractive. This is going to make him more attracted to you because you are protecting his baby. A built-in mechanism. As soon as she started to really show, however, I was not as horny. She's 5' 2" so she says but I think she's shorter , and when she hit about 7 months, she just looked hilarious, but in an adorable way. Plenty of good things can happen during pregnancy, but some of them must be experienced proactively. You're the mother of his child and making you happy is now a priority in his life. And that is attractive to a man. With the aim of conceiving a child, she has shared her body with a man she loves, and she shares it now with a child she loves. He finds this nurturing side of you to be a turn on as he learns to trust your instincts and your selfless nature when it comes to your new bundle. Men and women both find it fascinating that a life, a human being, a one-day walking, talking, eating, pooping machine is being created in there. His admiration will only grow and reach it's peak just in time for the baby to arrive. Curl and arch your spine allowing your stomach and back to begin strengthening their muscles. As your stomach swells and the baby begins to move his or her head between your pelvic bone, your back becomes further and further arched. She looked stunning. It's your body's way of saying "Look what I'm creating! Pregnant women are sexy

Pregnant women are sexy

Pregnant women are sexy

Pregnant women are sexy

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