Pictures of girl and boy without dress pictures of boys and girls without dress

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Pictures of girl and boy without dress

For this reason, they advised against swaddling infants, as had long been the custom. One girl said: Country women often wore a simple work boot, when they needed to be shod. A much greater proportion of a family's time, especially the mother's, was spent on producing and caring for clothing than is usual now, even though constant laundering of garments was not done. Coats were always fully lined. Portraits of the time period show some gentlemen wearing dainty shoes with pointy toes, high arches and elevated heels. It was also the cheapest fabric to buy. People in rural or remote areas were more likely to undertake the whole process themselves. And, a greater proportion of the family income was spent on clothes in the s than now. Still, it was possible for nearly anyone to order nearly anything to be sent to them from a merchant in the next town, or even from a merchant oceans away. City and town dwellers usually purchased the fabrics, if not the entire garments, from specialty or general stores. A vest was always worn, either single or double breasted, with shawl collar, or without any collar, whether or not a coat went over it. Monthly magazines detailed all the latest modes and materials. Pictures of girl and boy without dress

Pictures of girl and boy without dress

Pictures of girl and boy without dress

Pictures of girl and boy without dress

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