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Penn state girl

About Police speculated that Song had ducked to a nearby hour store, and — not planning to be gone for too long, and it being the middle of the night — had left her phone behind. Investigators soon turned their attentions towards their informant. A search of his computer found that he had downloaded numerous articles about Song, and police reasoned he may have been studying the details of her murder in order to offer false evidence to the police in exchange for a reduced sentence. Penn State University Park's ethnic diversity is on par with the national average. The club was hosting a Halloween party, and Song and her friends drank and danced until 2am, when they went back to a house to play video games, before she was dropped home two hours later. Although outward appearances can be deceiving, and suicidal thoughts can take hold in mere minutes, any suggestion she planned to take her own life was quickly shut down in favour of the more likely scenario — that some predator happened upon Song walking alone in the dead of night, intoxicated and without means of contact, and took advantage of her vulnerable state. Song also lived off campus. Weakley was serving a life sentence, and faced the death penalty. Song had previously been living with her boyfriend and had suffered through a severe breakup a month prior to her disappearance. The distance from Penn State alone meant police were dubious as to whether this was Song, but the witness soon proved to be unreliable, changing the details of her story multiple times upon further questioning. A more chilling theory also arose: The undergraduate population is comprised of 22, males and 19, females. She was studious, having moved from South Korea to America when she was 15, in order to further her schooling. Paul Weakley and Hugo Selenski are both serving life sentences for unrelated murders, and everyone close to Song at the time of her disappearance has been ruled out as a suspect. Penn state girl

Penn state girl

Penn state girl

Penn state girl

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