Adult adoption attorney sacramento

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FBI investigates adult adoption nonprofit in Sacramento

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Adult adoption attorney sacramento

We can help you pursue traditional or step-parent adoptions in California. Additionally, we are effective at litigating non-consensual step-parent adoption cases where the rights of the non-custodial parent must be terminated. The person being adopted may elect to change his or her name through the adoption proceeding or may elect to keep his or her existing name. I would definitely utilize their services if ever needed again. I would highly recommend her, she was awesome! I would recommend her services to any single parent needing efficient and effective family law expertise and assistance. I would highly recommend Heather for any probate matter and Kristine for any family law matter as I would not seek consultation elsewhere. We can also advise you on alternatives to guardianship that may easily accomplish your goals. She was very professional, detailed oriented, and knowledgeable. A service ticket from the Reception Desk, located on the 1st Floor, must be obtained prior to receiving person to person assistance in the Probate Unit. Formalizing a parent-child relationship. She knows the laws, and any questions I asked were answered clearly and knowledgeably. Adult adoption attorney sacramento

Adult adoption attorney sacramento

Adult adoption attorney sacramento

Adult adoption attorney sacramento

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    I just knew my family was important and I wanted my kids to stay in Sacramento. The person being adopted may be unrelated, an adult stepchild, niece, nephew, cousin or grandchild of the adopting person. She also got a chance to represent us in court, and she was very confident, spoke clearly, and said what needed to be said to help the judge understand all circumstances.

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    In California, a guardian is appointed by a court to be responsible for a person under the age of eighteen. An adult adoption can be filed in California in the county of residence of either party.

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    She is extremely well-versed in family law and can break down complex matters into simple to understand terms. For further information or to schedule an appointment. In addition, if the person adopting or the person being adopted is married, then the written consent of the spouse of the married party ies will also be required.

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