Small heart tattoos for wrist 100 Heart Tattoos and Designs To Inspire Your Passion

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Small heart tattoos for wrist

Crowned Heart A small heart outline with a crown, scrolls replace the top of the heart and add flair to the piece. Tribal Heart Three swirled tribal designs depict a heart. They look perfectly on the wrists, shoulders, ankles and sides. Dream Catcher Hearts Two hearts composed of dream catchers: The important consideration is what the text will say, in this tattoo the text is alluding to Proverb Love Skulls A profile portrait of two skulls staring into each others eye sockets over a rose. Crowned Heart A black and gray heart adorned with an unusual crown. Ink Spot The negative space creates the image in this tattoo. Raining Hearts A cute tattoo depicting a small rain cloud precipitating a bunch of black hearts. Crayola Hearts A complimentary pair of heart tattoos depicts the hearts as being created from the same smear of colors. For people with long hair the mass of follicles will typically cover the ink but those of us with shorter hair will constantly be answering questions about our miniature hearts. Elaborate Sword through Heart Here is a very elaborate sword piercing a heart. Small heart tattoos for wrist

Small heart tattoos for wrist

Small heart tattoos for wrist

Small heart tattoos for wrist

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    Fingerprint Heart A very unique illustration using fingerprints to compose the heart. Art heart tattoo idea Classic heart tattoo on the wrist Cute tattoo on the shoulder Delightful heart tattoo on the forefinger Heart on the side Heart tattoo on the wrist Heart tattoo with note one on the arm Matching heart tattoos for couples Original tattoo on the leg Simple heart tattoo on the foot Tiny heart on the finger Two hearts tattoo on the left foot Two hearts tattoo on the wrist Unique tattoo on the ankle Colorful Heart Tattoos Wanna add more colors?

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    The Sun and Moon A mountain divides a portrait depicting the sun and the moon, all of which is contained inside of the heart. Elaborate Heart An ornate heart tattoo using ivy to frame the piece. Hearts and Friends Two friends got matching black hearts just under their clavicles.

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    Pin Cushion A heart stuck with dozens of pins. Infinite Heart A heart interwoven with the infinity symbol, a straightforward way of expressing everlasting love. They Love Whales This wearer is so passionate about blue whales they decided to get a blue whale tattoo framed in a heart.

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    While the idea is intriguing the rainbow inspired color palette gives the piece a childish aesthetic. Above the knee is a great place for tattoos as they can be easily shown with a dress or pair of shorts and easily covered in a professional environment.

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