Dating a girl who travels DO date a girl who travels

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Dating a girl who travels

Just no. She's always honest. She rarely gets tired and can function on little sleep. She is respectful of others, but more importantly is respectful to herself. She will most likely hold down two or three jobs to fund her adventures. We feel safer that way. A girl who travels thrives on immersing herself in other cultures, learning foreign languages, trying strange and exciting new foods, learning the customs of other people. She's downright intriguing. To date a girl who travels, you need to be ready and willing for a ton of adventures; from bargain shopping in a local bazaar, to chasing waterfalls and potentially hooking up behind them. A World of Adventures Are you an adrenaline junkie? She Will Make You a Better Person She is a type of girl who is going to transform you into a better and well-rounded dude. When curiosity strikes, she has to go. Dating a girl who travels

Dating a girl who travels

Dating a girl who travels

Dating a girl who travels

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