Places to go on saturday night 25 Options for Nightlife in Delhi for an Exciting Memory

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Places to go on saturday night

Bring some food and drinks over. The interiors are simple with plastic chairs for seating. Keya Keya source One of the finest places to enjoy the night out in Delhi, Keya has got happening vibes to opt out for. Fashion Me Now I've never really resonated with the whole "working for the weekend" mindset. Maybe you can finally up your Street Photography game or learn the basics of hand lettering. Drinks like Obsession milk coffee with Jack Daniels , Dark Continental Americano with Baileys , or the African Mocha espresso with Baileys and melted chocolate , will stun you beyond words. Go on a ghost hunt. Modern Scavenger Hunt Gather your friends, create a list of weird things to find throughout your area, set a timer and go do it. Location— Rajouri Garden, New Delhi I could build a fire and sit around it for hours just staring at it without a thought crossing my mind. The place remains open from till 1 am. So I would suggest touring a few breweries or wineries in a single Saturday night. Places to go on saturday night

Places to go on saturday night

Places to go on saturday night

Places to go on saturday night

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  • Femi says:

    Be one with nature!

  • Dami says:

    Bring a picnic, a deck of cards and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Mebei says:

    Murthal Murthal source 50 km from Delhi, Murthal is a foodie paradise, where youngsters hang out in the night for some food and a couple of drinks.

  • Fenrirg says:

    Find out the free or reduced-price days to go to your local planetarium or museum. The ambience is simplistic and minimal.

  • Brakree says:

    Bring a movie or binge watch a show. Go to a Local or National Park I love parks. Do a Brewery or Vineyard Tour Touring breweries is one of my favorite things to do, and I look for ones that give you free beer at the end.

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