How to start an alcohol brand How to Start a Successful Liquor Brand

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How to start an alcohol brand

Superior level of service? Hence, the greatest design on the shelf will lure first time buyers, but if you do not give them quality commensurate with price, they will quickly become last time buyers. Indeed, a name should be established prior to the package and brand development stage. If you don't drink, do market research with people who do. They are not typically interested in helping you build your brand or promoting your product over your competitors who they also stock. The Source of the Liquor When you have your formula, there are two options for producing it commercially: How your product is made is an important part of your brand story. Seeing as we were total novices to the spirit market, I also spoke to whiskey and rum makers to find out about their costs, which gave me a better idea of what I should be paying the suppliers. After a bit of a search, I eventually found some suppliers on Alibaba who were willing to do 3, — 5, units for about 8p a unit plus shipping. Scott Goldman started importing Combier after discovering while he was a professional ice hockey player in France. Setting up your own distillery complete with copper pot stills, hand-bottling, labeling et al. I have found it is best to collect a small amount of stock from the warehouse each month that I can hold ready for small orders. The main things that bartenders look for are product quality and a unique story that they can tell their customers about. We were then able to convince them to accept a smaller order at a price that was not very profitable for the distillery because they saw us as a valuable long-term customer. Most countries will have an equivalent scheme for control of duty payments. Create a loyal fan base and collect their email addresses. We knew this and came to our distiller with a decent rough draft of the product. How to start an alcohol brand

How to start an alcohol brand

How to start an alcohol brand

How to start an alcohol brand

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    The process is simple but takes a month or so to get through. Name Your Poison The first step is to decide what sort of liquor — whiskey, gin or vodka, for example — you want to create. Russia is a cost-effective place to make it.

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    Starting off small is an effective approach to getting a new vodka brand off the ground and onto store shelves. Reception to our product has been very positive so far and the sales are starting to come in.

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    Consumers today appreciate transparency, so you have to be able to back up your claims with facts and exceptional taste. Make the brief for your designer as specific as possible to avoid wasting their time and yours. A design brief describing target market, price point, competition and personal preference for style will help guide the design firm to create designs that fit your image goals.

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    There is an ownership opportunity for a Russian craft brand in this space. If you decided to build your own distillery, many states allow you to self-distribute, which gives you full control over sales and marketing.

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    For example, General Motors relied greatly on the views of focus groups in its design of the Pontiac Aztek. Most countries will have an equivalent scheme for control of duty payments. However for us, the opportunity was always going to be in export, so I made that the focus from day one.

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