Female spies world war 2 Female Spies in World War I and World War II

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The Women of World War 2: Gestapo's Most Wanted

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Female spies world war 2

She once bicycled miles through German checkpoints to replace a lost code and was reputed to have killed a German soldier with her bare hands to save others. Once back in Britain, she joined the O. This French national and her friend were responsible for an underground railway into Spain, which they used to evacuate downed Allied airmen from occupied France. She also insisted on fighting alongside them. A painting of Virginia Hall who was part of espionage operations against Nazi Germany. After being vetted by the Foreign Office, Rozanne swiftly signed up. Lise died at age 98 in There was an airlift of troops. Before even becoming an agent, she organized the resistance, helped downed pilots, and carried out raids in under the guise of an American reporter. Then we came home to England — after the war had been declared — by train through blacked-out France. Marita Lorenz: This time she led an armed raid against Gestapo headquarters and German gun factories. To escape the pressure and the monotony, the young people of Bletchley would go to the local cinema or the hotel for recreation. Quite an adventure. She worked as matron of a hospital and, while doing so, helped at least soldiers to escape. When her superior was arrested, Cecile took over his duties. Then she is like five men. Female spies world war 2

Female spies world war 2

Female spies world war 2

Female spies world war 2

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    She ended up working as a shorthand typist for the English government—but made it very clear that she wanted to work with the French underground. This time she led an armed raid against Gestapo headquarters and German gun factories.

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    The November weather was bitter cold and her prosthetic was agonizing. Hall quit the State Department and went back to Paris as a civilian in on the eve of the German invasion. Returned to France, Hall continued to help the underground Resistance by, among other things, providing maps to Allied forces for drop zones, finding safe houses and providing intelligence activities.

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