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Wikipedia white chicks

In the ensuing fight, Kevin is shot trying to protect Denise, and Latrell is shot trying to protect Marcus. Gomez and Harper, who also conclude the sisters are being impersonated by two men, aim to expose them, only to inappropriately tug at the real Brittany and Tiffany. The movie ends with Tori, Lisa, and Karen admitting they liked Brittany and Tiffany more when they were Marcus and Kevin, but the five agree to remain friends. However, the Wilson sisters get minor facial cuts in a car accident, and fearing for their jobs, Kevin scares them into staying in a hotel, while he and Marcus disguise themselves as the sisters and attend the event. This causes mass confusion between the four, which Warren uses to begin the kidnapping. After their true identities are revealed to all, much to the dismay of Latrell, Marcus makes up with Gina, while Denise and Kevin begin a relationship. Unbeknownst to Kevin and Marcus, the sisters are being monitored by their colleagues Vincent Gomez and Jacob Harper, and boss Elliott Gordon, who are undercover posing as hotel staff. Later, Kevin and Marcus discover Warren had funneled large sums of money through his modest charity, and attempt to notify Gordon, who dismisses their claims. They are subsequently suspended, while Gordon fires Kevin and Marcus after he discovers the truth. At a charity auction dinner later that night, pro basketball player Latrell Spencer takes an interest in Marcus and wins a date with him, while Kevin begins to solicit information regarding prime suspect Ted Burton from Denise Porter, a reporter at the event. At a nightclub, Karen slips to Marcus and Kevin that Warren Vandergeld is really penniless, and has been taking loans from her father, which makes the duo arrive at the conclusion Warren is the mastermind behind the kidnappings. Wikipedia white chicks

Wikipedia white chicks

Wikipedia white chicks

Wikipedia white chicks

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