Thor chat Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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Thor chat

I am very much looking forward to Avengers: Not as good as Stephen Hendry's autobiography though, apparently. Obviously, one of the biggest problems is Malekith, the character that you put last, in th place, in your definitive ranking of every Marvel character ever , Ali. I remember thinking the way they handled Frigga's death was well done. And then the science stick instruments all have Gets off to an iffy start, though, with Anthony Hopkins racing through his lines like he had somewhere else to be. On a positive note, I really love the idea of the final fight. And I think knowing that they had to clumsily write out Jane from future instalments makes rewatching all the 'grand sacrifice for romance' stuff feel hollow. It feels like it was pitched pre-Avengers to capitalise on Game of Thrones, but actually Avengers and Iron Man 3 set the comedic template for the MCU, and those two disparate styles just do not mix very well. All of those important things happen along the way, but the main plot of the film, the central story, is just "bad guy wants to destroy everything" and it's so difficult to invest in because there's nothing to cling to story-wise. I'm just glad they finally rebooted Masters of the Universe. I did really enjoy how Jane's phone worked when Chris O'Dowd called her from another dimension. He is just as arrogant as Manky Keith I'm sorry, I can't keep this up. So I was really looking forward to a rewatch and revaluating it as being unfairly maligned It's incredible to think that this film exists in the same universe as Guardians Of The Galaxy. I fell asleep and didn't bother rewinding the bit I missed, and while watching it I was also reading Stephen Hendry's autobiography Me and the Table and doing a YouGov survey. Share This. Thor chat

Thor chat

Thor chat

Thor chat

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    I guess they got Alan Taylor in because he'd be good at all the quasi-medieval scenes of people hacking each other to bits? Loki doing trick shots.

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