Taking care of vinyl records Cleaning & caring for your vinyl records

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How to Clean Vinyl Records

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Taking care of vinyl records

Many records come with paper sleeves. Keep your mitts off records. Although effective, they can be expensive. Secondly, dust and dirt are the audiophiles worst enemy, and the best weapon here is prevention. Heat causes the records to get softer, and prone to bending and damage. Plus, any leftover solution or gunk can make your records sound absolutely terrible. Using this fluid damped lever instead of your hand results in a smooth twitch-free needle drop, and lift from the record. These are fine for keeping dust out, but paper is abrasive and can wear down the surface of your records over time. You can counteract the effect by placing the warped record, in its inner sleeve, flat under a heavy pile of books for as long as you can bear. Maintenance Tip 6: First, using a carbon-fibre, anti-static brush is the best way to get all the deep-seated particles of dust up to the surface before following up with a record cleaning spray and a final wipe with a microfibre cloth. As a matter of practice, I replace my stylus at least once every year. Stacking records on top of each other will put pressure on them, which can cause warping over time. Cleaning Your Records Even with the utmost care and the most meticulous of storage solutions, your records will occasionally benefit from a good clean. Taking care of vinyl records

Taking care of vinyl records

Taking care of vinyl records

Taking care of vinyl records

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  • Akinojar says:

    For these reasons, we only recommend wet cleaning systems when dry cleaning methods have failed.

  • Zulkimuro says:

    There are also spin cleaners that clean the record with the solution as it spins with the brushes cleaning off the dirt. Record cleaning An anti-static record brush is an essential part of any record collection.

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    Finally, return it to its sleeve. Always Store Your Records in their Sleeves Vinyl should not be stored outside of its liner or sleeve.

  • Tubei says:

    The aim of the game is to keep the amount of time that a record is exposed to airborne dust and dirt particles to an absolute minimum.

  • Zolobei says:

    This is one sure fire way to cause warping, possible cracking of the vinyl record because of the weight, and will inevitably produce scuff marks and ring wear on the album cover marring the artwork.

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