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Strong unisex names

It is a fantastic name for either a boy or a girl and I love that it is getting the attention it deserves! Well, apparently Latin did not see Drew Barrymore coming because she is one feminine lady! But for boys it comes in at 87 and is holding steady. Drew is another chart topper that parents are loving right now, especially millennials. For example, Augustus was a Roman Emperor—and is considered the first. For girls it sits comfortably at 21 7 and will still be unusual. Names for girls, on the other hand, have changed in popularity and tend to be less traditional. Typically a boys' name save for Ms. Parker is both beautiful and striking, a combination in a name that is hard to find. Names have a lot to do with perception, and can influence the view others have of an individual. Worn well by the X-Men character played by Halle Berry. Image via iStock Kendall Traditionally reserved for boys, this one has moved more into the girl camp thanks to use by soap operas and reality stars. Strong unisex names

Strong unisex names

Strong unisex names

Strong unisex names

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    The most popular reasons are:

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    An alternative spelling would be Andie, as it is used for the main character in Pretty in Pink. For girls, it's ranked no.

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    The only Blake I knew growing up was a boy and he had a wicked rat-tail streaming down his back. These numbers convey that parents are really digging the name but that it has not caught on so strong that every kid at preschool is named Dallas.

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    There has never been a time in my life when I have not adored this name. It currently ranks for girls at but we have seen an uptick since some celebrities have started falling in love with this name.

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