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Integra anime

Richard's exact motivations are unknown, though it is possible that he coveted the power and prestige of a seat in the Convention of Twelve. You're already dead, there's nothing for you to be afraid of any more. His speed and agility are of particular note, and even in his old age he was able to dodge bullets from assault rifles. Though the armored glass protected him from the fall, Maxwell's protection from the amassing familiars was shattered by Anderson after deeming the man's selfish ambitions as a threat to the Vatican. He grew determined to become someone that people couldn't look down on. Walter's remark was that it's not his place to advise her, since it's her responcability to know what orders need to be brought to Alucard. Once he is defeated, Seras carries Integra and flies out of the exploding zeppelin. He makes perfectly clear that the 'twisted love' is made up. The Japanese translator member of BOH never said that phrase was wrongly translated either. In the TV series, Alucard refers to Anderson as a "dog of the Church" and is neither human nor monster and is therefore incapable of killing him, only a human can do that. He instructs Iscariot to follow Integra's instruction by escorting her back to the Hellsing manor. Both the Bird of Hermes, the most trustworthy translation group has made it that way and the translation of the OVA for that scene. Her father was Sir Arthur Hellsing, who died when she was 13 years old 12 years old in the manga , in However, she is sometimes prone to bouts of anger. Integra anime

Integra anime

Integra anime

Integra anime

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    Seras and Integra were waiting for Alucard to come saying that it has been 30 years. However, his seemingly blind devotion to his mission often makes his underling Alexander Anderson question his motivations. On his gloves, there are inscriptions written across the crosses drawn on the back:

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