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Sexy and horror movies list

Jennifer has always been the queen bee in her class—and has spent years tormenting her "best" friend Anita Amanda Seyfried. Beautiful but bloodthirsty, Elaine is determined to find the man of her dreams and will cast spells and brew strange potions to manipulate the men around her until she finds her ideal muse. An American Werewolf in London Universal Pictures Amazon iTunes Most people remember John Landis's horror comedy for its fantastic special and makeup effects that allowed for a terrifying transformation scene when the hapless protagonist turns into a werewolf. The movie still has a definite cult following, despite mostly underwhelming reviews at the time of its release, and it eventually spawned three sequels, pun intended. Many of the films listed here are polarizing, which should come as a shock to no one. She steals the show with the best scene in the film——also the spiciest——and the splatter and platitudes that follow are hit-and-miss with the game cast falling just shy of staring right into the camera and winking. All in all, the movie itself may not be the sexiest horror flick out there, but the scene certainly deserves a mention. A similar film that almost made this list but will at least get a mention here is Ginger Snaps , a werewolf variation with Katharine Isabelle as the menacing babe. Planet Terror What? Watch The Black Room and find out. Call it pretentious and call it indulgent if you wish, Neon Demon is also pretty, unflinchingly gruesome, and purposely provocative. In one of his classics, this movie follows Ichabod Crane played by Johnny Depp , a New York City police constable sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate mysterious deaths. Unfortunately, Priest Sang-hyeon Kang-ho Song was also accidentally infected during a blood transfusion, causing him to become a vampire. She sizzles and scorches as a vampire queen looking to take over the world. In this movie, she plays a reporter named Rowena Price who uses her journalism skills to solve the murder of her friend. Something of an icon, former Las Vegas showgirl and pin-up centerfold, Dyanne Thorne is best known as Ilsa and her frequent pairings with director Jess Franco reaped many raunchy and ribald rewards. Sexy and horror movies list

Sexy and horror movies list

Sexy and horror movies list

Sexy and horror movies list

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    A group of people who haven't gotten a fair chance at life play a game at a dinner party that's twisted like Saw and even more captivating.

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    Whichever you choose, know that it will be equal parts steamy and thrilling. But is she just a mean girl, or could she possibly be under the influence of a demonic spirit who uses her body to feast on horny teenage boys? Her life is turned upside-down when she discovers an amphibious creature, kept hostage by a sadistic colonel Michael Shannon.

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    Share The Halloween candy is already out on the shelves, and it's time to pick out a costume. Eventually, though, she transforms into a horrific vampire with reptilian features whom Seth Clooney kills after she vows to make him her slave. Well, while his oeuvre is inconsistent, his penchant for blending eroticism and hysterical horror is spot on.

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    Jennifer has always been the queen bee in her class—and has spent years tormenting her "best" friend Anita Amanda Seyfried. Once he does finally transform into a werewolf, a sequence that is still iconic today for its groundbreaking special effects, David wakes up the next morning feeling great, even after murdering a ton of people.

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    All in all, the movie itself may not be the sexiest horror flick out there, but the scene certainly deserves a mention. And a few that are just gross.

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