How to use koolaid to dye hair How to dye your hair with Kool Aid

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How To Dye Your Hair Using Kool-Aid! ♥Tutorial♥

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How to use koolaid to dye hair

Once again, please deep condition the hair first. Photo by Erin Servey Step 7 If you are opting not to dye your whole head, put your hair up in a ponytail. Boil for 1 minute then remove from the heat. Depending on the intensity of the color you want and the length and volume of your hair, decide the quantity of the Kool-Aid drink mix you want to add to the application mixture. After you blow it dry, the best thing to do is to use a hot straightening iron to set the color. Gwen Ihnat Once the 10 minutes were up, I dried them off as much as possible with clean rags and paper towels, to avoid the distinct possibility of dyeing the entire house purple. Get your mixing bowl, cold water, and Kool-Aid packages. The amount of water to use depends on how you want the color to show on your hair. Darker hair may need If you are going for a more permanent look, please wash and deep condition the hair first to protect your hair. Adding conditioner will make the mixture easier to apply. Now you know how to dye your hair with Kool Aid. In some cases, the excess amount of sugar in this drink mix can discolor your natural hair color. Step 2: Step 7: Step 3 — Dyeing All Your Hair Before applying the mixture to your hair, smear your neck, hairline, ears, and forehead with Vaseline to avoid staining. The most recommended Kool-Aid flavors for hair color include: How to use koolaid to dye hair

How to use koolaid to dye hair

How to use koolaid to dye hair

How to use koolaid to dye hair

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    Style as you want and make your self an actually cup of Kool-Aid for your hard work.

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    Step 5 — Dip-Dyed Effect Shutterstock If you just want to dye the ends of your hair, dip-dyeing is the best option.

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    Take off the plastic wrap and rinse off Kool-Aid with cold water.

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    We then put the dissolved Kool-Aid in coffee cups for easier hair dipping. It also makes the mixture less runny and easier to handle. You can do this by running hot water from your faucet, using the microwave, or heating water on the stove.

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    The hair will drip and could possibly dye the shirt they are wearing. Washing and conditioning the hair is not necessary for the Kool Aid Hair Dye method, but it does help.

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