How to be a girly guy Do you have feminine tendencies? (for guys)

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How To: Be More Feminine, 10 Tips

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How to be a girly guy

Forget your fade and just let it go! Oh YES! For performances only? I've never been big or "powerful" and while I did hit the gym a lot in college to bulk up and impress girls, it never worked--the bulking or the impressing--and I've since learned to be okay with my body for the most part. I get it, crossing your legs just feels good sometimes, but if you are a perpetual leg-crosser you should probably google the origins of crossing your legs and quit it! Have you ever played with barbie dolls? Guys are supposed to have a sink full of dishes waiting for women to come rescue. I'm a pretty fast runner and a pretty slow swimmer, two things that, along with my love of salad, have contributed to my slender figure. I have sources who say men also take baths. If you notice that a girl has a really cool purse and admire it silently, then you are probably one of the feminine guys. Granted it's usually thinking, "Is this clean or does this smell like I was rolling around in garbage? How to be a girly guy

How to be a girly guy

How to be a girly guy

How to be a girly guy

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