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Gundam oo characters

Barely surviving with most of his body damaged, Ali manages to recover and subsequently works for the Innovators, piloting the Arche Gundam. The ELS has no true form as they are capable of taking any shape or size relative to their mass; they can combine or separate from one another to increase or decrease its mass as needed. Four years later, Graham dons a mask to cover the scars and becomes a member of the newly formed A-Laws under the alias of Mr. He is killed after his Alvaaron explodes during the battle with Exia, spending his final moments discovering that Ribbons had used him as a pawn the entire time. Linda later delivers supplies, new equipment for the Gundams and the 0 Gundam to Ptolemaios II and joins Ian in the weapons control room. He served as a father figure to Soma when she was assigned to him, he felt uneasy about letting a so young child to grow up as a cold soldier so he eventually manages to form a bond between both of them, offering to adopt her in the four years gap between the first and second season. He initially appears in the epilogue of the first season, next to Kati Mannequin in the Federation lineup, but is not introduced proper until second season. With a skill unmatched by any Flag pilot, Graham is eager to find an opponent worthy to fight. During the first season, she targeted the Kyrios' pilot as a traitor, unaware he is Allelujah, while viewing Sergei as a father figure over time. He is a kind hearted man but gets angry when his machines are damaged. He also has a secret connection with the Innovators. His assault, however, fails due to an uprising led by Kati Mannequin aiding Celestial Being and Katharon, with Setsuna killing Goodman. Gundam oo characters

Gundam oo characters

Gundam oo characters

Gundam oo characters

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    Christina ran away from her adopted mother before being discovered by Celestial Being. The ELS appear as silver metallic organisms that can take solid or liquid-like forms. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 character roles from every season are included, along with the characters' gender, occupation and more.

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    Countries whose economy relied solely on the sale of fossil fuels were plunged into poverty and some even believed that the solar power system threatened the "promised land of God", resulting in the twenty-year-long Solar Wars. Such a chaotic reality has lead to the creation of a paramilitary organization in possession of four highly advanced humanoid mobile suits called " Gundams " and a mysterious technology known as the " GN Drive ". Similar to Setsuna F.

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    He becomes romantically interested in the Innovator Anew Returner until she is killed by Setsuna as with all the Innovades designed for Ribbons Almark, Anew had a mind backdoor that allowed Ribbons to take over the Innovade mind, such Lockon would have get killed for sure , of which Lyle violently beats Setsuna for. He is one of the A-Laws officers present in the A-Laws party.

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    Barely surviving with most of his body damaged, Ali manages to recover and subsequently works for the Innovators, piloting the Arche Gundam.

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