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Blue tongue lizard fact sheet

Or lay a trail of chopped up tomatoes heading out the door! Female blue tongues stay within a defined home base. If you pick the lizard up now it will bite you. Come learn about this lizard, how it got its name, where you can find them and some other neat facts about this lizard. Mating sometimes looks like a fight, and injuries do happen. Shrubs and rocks — which provide safe paths around the garden and protection from predators. The Common Blue-tongued Lizard breeds annually, but other species breed only every second year. The blue tongue inside the pink mouth is an unexpected and vivid sight, designed to frighten off the attacker. Leave the snail control to the lizards, they will eventually catch up. Be a blue tongue buddy Try to: They have big teeth and a muscular jaw that can squash a snail shell so they can enjoy a snack. The lizard also hisses loudly and flattens its body which makes it look wider and bigger. Don't panic if you see a few snails. They snooze under rocks, leaves, or in logs. If you were a snail, worm, insect, fruit or berries, you would be on the blue-tongued lizard's menu. Their body temperature depends on the surrounding temperature and they can be found sun basking in the mornings or during cooler days. Blue tongue lizard fact sheet

Blue tongue lizard fact sheet

Blue tongue lizard fact sheet

Blue tongue lizard fact sheet

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    A warm spot — in a sunny part of your yard, near shelter. That's if the lizard has a stable food source. Blue-tongues are long-lived and several captive animals have lived for 20 years.

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