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Rijeka zip code

Free State of Fiume In a subsequent democratic election the Fiuman electorate on 24 April approved the idea of a free state of Fiume-Rijeka with a Fiuman-Italo-Yugoslav consortium ownership structure for the port, giving an overwhelming victory to the independentist candidates of the Autonomist Party. However, the German attempt to break out of the partisan encirclement north-west of the city was unsuccessful. On 12 November, Italy and Yugoslavia concluded the Treaty of Rapallo , which envisaged Fiume becoming an independent state, the Free State of Fiume , under a government acceptable to both powers. Italian troops freed the city from d'Annunzio's militias in the last days of December But thanks to it retaining the Free Port status, and its iconic image in the fascist nation-building myth it gained many specific concessions from the government in Rome, a separate tax treatment from the rest of the Kingdom and a more humble than in Hungarian times, but continuous inflow of investments from the state. Fiume became consequently a full-fledged member of the League of Nations and the ensuing election of Rijeka's first president, Riccardo Zanella , was met with official recognition and greetings from all major powers and countries worldwide. The Free State of Fiume[ edit ] Main article: With it the two neighbouring countries were agreeing on invading and partitioning the territory of the small state. As Yugoslav troops approached the city in April , one of the fiercest and largest battles in this area of Europe ensued. Once the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia in April , the Croatian areas surrounding the city were occupied by the Italian military, setting the stage for an intense and bloody insurgency which would last until the end of the war. Rijeka zip code

Rijeka zip code

Rijeka zip code

Rijeka zip code

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    Of the approximately 27, German and other troops retreating from the city, 11, were killed many were executed after surrendering , while the remaining 16, were taken prisoner. The Regency of Carnaro[ edit ] Main article: Before leaving the city, in an act of wanton destruction World War II was almost over , the German troops destroyed the harbour area and other infrastructure with a number of big explosive charges.

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    On 30 April , in the nearby village of Lipa, German troops killed civilians in reprisal for the killing of several soldiers during a partisan attack. The Regency of Carnaro[ edit ] Main article:

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