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How to avoid a kiss

Just walk away. But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? How do I know if I'm a good kisser? Looking somewhere else throughout the experience —Highly unacceptable. If you really can't come up with an illness and don't want to blatantly lie without evidence of even an upset tummy, then there are other ways to avoid the goodnight kiss. Turn the Other Cheek Seriously, and literally, turning the other cheek can save you from an unwanted kiss. Press your body up against theirs. It's possible they will see through this tactic, but it buys you time and physical space to move away from them. Take Your Time Arguably the best tip I could give you is to go slow and ease your way into every kiss. Use Your Tongue Wisely Another common characteristic of "bad "kissing is using way too much tongue. For now, I hope that you have some ideas that will help save you from that awkward moment when you are struggling to avoid the unwanted kiss. Unless they initiate it first or say they like it, be very cautious about biting someone's lip when you kiss — especially in the heat of the moment. Free Stocks A peck is always nice, but if you're only kissing on the lips, you're doing it wrong. Give your hand a firm jab with your tongue, just so you can see how strong your tongue is. Look over their shoulder and act like you see something confusing or interesting — bonus points if there is actually something there. Just pick an excuse and go with it. Kiss dodged. How to avoid a kiss

How to avoid a kiss

How to avoid a kiss

How to avoid a kiss

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    Use your body to create some variety.

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    If you have that horrible blind date set-up on Valentine's Day or anytime, you may want to find a way to avoid the goodnight kiss at the end of the evening.

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    You don't even owe someone the cheek, but sometimes turning the cheek to avoid a full-on kiss is your best option. Do they let out a little moan each time you bite their lower lip?

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    More Tips on Avoiding a Kiss 3.

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    How can I be sure I'm really kissing someone well? Can you give me any kissing tips? I've kissed a few people, but I still feel like I'm not as good of a kisser as I could be.

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