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I Choose To Be Happy: Lizzie Valasquez at [email protected]

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Always choose to be happy

Happiness is the way. Though we all have different lists of dreams and goals, for most of us this is at the forefront: Throw away that heavy feeling, and always choose not to carry that around. How do you do anything, always? Accept yourself: This is the way of the wise. Decide to be happy: Comparing yourself to others will always set you up for failure, as you can never be anyone but yourself. Always remember that you are a strong woman. There are only opportunities! Always choose to be happy

Always choose to be happy

Always choose to be happy

Always choose to be happy

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  • Faek says:

    Do not forget, you can compliment yourself too! This moment is your life.

  • JoJoshakar says:

    We all cry, we all get anxious, we all get tired, we got frustrated, angry, sad, depressed, but we all can rise back up as well. Choose to accept life the way it is going instead of the way it has to be according to you.

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