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Les Héroïnes du mal AKA Unmoralische Engel (1979)

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Israeli erotic movies

This detachment from national collective memory pulls the films into a world marked by a persistent blurring of the historical context and by private and subjective impressions — a timeless world of dreams, hallucinations and myths. The movie is an emotionally sweeping story about questions of identity every teenager experiences, enhanced by the complexity of the Israel-Arab conflict. The plotline takes place after a little girl is abducted and murdered and is centred around three men, her father, who is out for revenge, a police officer, who has neglected the boundaries of law and the main suspect, a religious studies teacher. A series of events describe the painfully boring everyday life of young female soldiers serving at the Human Resources Department in a remote desert base, counting down the minutes until they can return to civilian life. This book examines for the first time the new ideological and aesthetic trends in contemporary Israeli cinema. A Borrowed Identity This movie was adapted from a book called Dancing Arab, describing the struggle of an Arab-Israeli boy who is sent to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem, where he struggles to adapt to the culture and tries to figure his own identity out. Check out the best Israeli movies available on Netflix and get ready to binge! A Matter of Size This comedy tells the tale of a group of overweight people from the Israeli city of Ramla who are trying to accept themselves as they are by trying to join the world of sumo, where fat people are admired, rather than mocked and urged to lose weight. The movie was screened in many film festivals around the world, in addition to winning three Ophir Awards. Bethlehem There is never a shortage of heart-wrenching movies about the Middle Eastern conflict, yet this one, which describes a dangerous relationship between a trusting Shin Bet officer and a confused Palestinian teenager, won the population over for its relative impartiality and outlook on the frustrating situation. Israeli erotic movies

Israeli erotic movies

Israeli erotic movies

Israeli erotic movies

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