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Most physically demanding jobs

Using industrial dishwashers can burn your hands, destroy the skin on your hands, face, and arms. You need to be fast, strong, and have quick reflexes. Mercenary Soldiers that are hired to serve in a foreign army in the way the French Foreign Legion do are becoming much more scarce now. For this reason alone, firefighters are required to be able to bench-press at least pounds. Although a tough profession, knowing you have contributed to a good cause is very gratifying. Awkward postures made while painting effect the spine adversely which can lead to skeletal and muscular problems. Aside from all that, as a restaurant employee, there are hot stoves and grills, steam from dishwashers, flames, and the threat of grease fires to worry about. You can find yourself lugging around house appliances, furniture, and other really heavy and really big objects, depending on what kind of product the store you work at sells. Roofer Although most roofers earn a high-salary, the physical strain makes this an extremely tough career. But, they are usually deployed in very hostile areas and can put their lives at risk on a daily basis. Your back will ache from standing over tables for hours on end. Masons cut heavy blocks and lift them into place after applying mortar. The job is challenging, dangerous and oftentimes incredibly stressful but provides high levels of job satisfaction. You have to pass highly demanding physical tests and constantly keep in shape as lives truly depend on your ability to perform. Combat soldiers might find themselves in any of a number of physically demanding jobs, from loading supply trucks to placing heavy ordnance into cannons. Most physically demanding jobs

Most physically demanding jobs

Most physically demanding jobs

Most physically demanding jobs

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