Is it good to straighten your hair Why Straightening Your Curls Is (Sometimes) A Good Idea

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CURLY TO STRAIGHT: No Frizz, No Heat Damage!

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Is it good to straighten your hair

As you can imagine, this made my hair look awful in the long run. And since your hair will grow back the way it was before, you may decide to relax it again. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! Pamper Your Hair Committing to straight hair means you must also commit to a hair-friendly treatment regimen. Is everyone meticulously and gently combing out every knot, tangle, and burgeoning dreadlock? Do these products and processes make any difference - or do they damage your hair? Assuming you're not on a swim team or getting caught in the rain every day, you can make the straight look last for a few days by skipping washes and using dry shampoo instead. The answer to this is all geometry and optics. However, if you do wash and condition your hair first, then make sure that you dry your hair thoroughly before using your straightener. Hair clips — and lots of them! You can have that silky straight hair and minimize the damage if you use the chemical and the iron it less frequently. Is it good to straighten your hair

Is it good to straighten your hair

Is it good to straighten your hair

Is it good to straighten your hair

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