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Entp female

ENTP women often see this challenge as an exciting opportunity to push themselves. E is for extraversion. It is when they retreat into themselves that they evaluate, form opinions, make decisions and plan various courses of action. Ultimately, they gain this nurturing side which can often surprise people who do not fully understand the personality types. It certainly comes with challenges when a woman is working in a career that is usually run by men. ENTPs simply desire to explore the potential that is out there, and find the best way to learn about something is to try it yourself. Very animated and expressive they are in a flurry of their extraverted intuitive ideas and mouth-dropping fluidity in expressing them. It is precisely the kind of things that ENTPs like about themselves that other types often find irritating. That is, unless you have included in your definition of ninja, that a bunch of pots and pans will go clattering to the floor very loudly and resoundingly, as this non-darkly clad assassin is on their way to slitting your throat. ENTP women might not behave like the average female, but this is something that often intrigues others, especially when they utilize their charm. Their need to display their cleverness in the external world can be seen as a desire to show off. I personally loved design tech in school and still make plenty of things but more wearable stuff than woodwork and such, so things like sewing, making hats and historical style costumes and jewelry. I figure some other ENTP women have picked up on this little tidbit too. Why prolong it? However, they will never be hit with the bullet because they are way too lucky. Share this: Entp female

Entp female

Entp female

Entp female

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  • Taunos says:

    All kingdoms end eventually? It might seem upon superficial observation that ENTPs are nasty bastards but that would be very introverted feeling of you.

  • Gogis says:

    This will be reposted in the INFJ forum because I know the poor little buggers need some help with their little obsession with us amongst many other things They simply do not care what people think about their interests, and would much rather continue to learn and grow as a person.

  • Maugor says:

    They are hot.

  • Shaktijas says:

    E is for extraversion. They use thinking to escape every possible crushing danger they bring upon themselves by their complete disregard for physical existence.

  • Brasho says:

    Being an ENTP female certainly has its struggles, but it also has its advantages. Some of the 16 types find it difficult to get on with other people of the same type, but generally ENTPs find each other attractive and stimulating company.

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