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Rob dyrdek early life

Read Also: Following his life plan for happiness, balance, and love while still achieving greatness in his career, Dyrdek now enjoys a fulfilling life with his family in Beverly Hills and continues to build his dream as he had not only envisioned but designed it. His unquenchable desire to live life to the fullest pushed him to develop a strategy for success in life, not unlike the formula he created for his venture studio. Dyrdek currently lives alone with his two bulldogs; Meaty and Beefy. The toy company has 6 characters. The idea was developed by Rob and Nino Scalia in response their belief that modern films focused on skateboarding were not realistic enough. This was his first venture towards successful entrepreneurship and he later came to establish Alien Workshop as one of the top skateboard deck sponsors as well. Rob Dyrdek - Giving Back As a kid, Rob always had trouble finding places to skateboard without getting kicked out or ticketed. Setting world records in his reality show cemented his career as a skateboarder propelling him to the top. Rob Dyrdek also has other achievements i. He is also the director of Wild Grinders an animated series, and he also is the voice of the lead character Lil Rob. He finally fell into the arms of an American model and entrepreneur named Bryiana Noelle Flores. Using this expertise gained developing the intersection between business and media, he went on to not only invest in new ventures but also help successfully amplify their brand. He made his first film appearance in when he starred in the movie titled Street Dreams. Rob dyrdek early life

Rob dyrdek early life

Rob dyrdek early life

Rob dyrdek early life

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