Gymnast sexy photo PICS: The U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team Gets the Gold in Sexy Hotness

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Gymnast sexy photo

Biles hasn't commented on Douglas' allegations. Alina Kabaeva, from Russia, is not only one of the hottest gymnasts in recent history but also one of the most successful in the world of rhythmic gymnastics with two Olympics medals and 18 world championship medals. Larry Nassar pleaded guilty Wednesday to multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. Aly Raisman was criticized for doing a sexy photoshoot for Sports Illustrated earlier this year. Leotard Game on Point Aly Raisman looks great in a leotard. These babes are the sexiest women of gymnastics and have dozens of Olympic medals and championships between them in either artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics or trampoline. Look, there are a million places you can read about Raisman's epic floor routine during last night's team finals. Over the course of the Olympics , there have been countless articles about how sexist it is to talk about the attractiveness of female athletes. After all, aren't the Olympics all about appreciating flawless specimens of human physicality? Douglas became a star after the London Olympics, winning the gold medal in the all-around category before Biles won gold in floor, vault and all-around at the Rio Olympics. Updated at August 12, 7: Nassar, who allegedly abused scores of athletes in his care, pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct at Michigan's Ingham County Circuit Court. Aly Raisman Floor Routine Aly was breathtaking during last night's team finals. Reuters Among his alleged victims are Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, who, along with fellow "Fierce Five" teammate Simone Biles, became embroiled in an online squabble over what Raisman and Douglas perceived as Douglas' "victim shaming. It's only at THG that you'll get an in-depth discussion of the curvature of her patriotically-bedazzled posterior. Besides, we're equal opportunity objectifiers, and we're happy to bring you updates on the most gold medal-worthy Speedo bulges on the men's teams, too. Take a look at these hot gymnastics photos. Gymnast sexy photo

Gymnast sexy photo

Gymnast sexy photo

Gymnast sexy photo

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    But we at The Hollywood Gossip reject that notion. Nassar, who allegedly abused scores of athletes in his care, pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct at Michigan's Ingham County Circuit Court.

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