Deep eugenics in race science sex south Sex, Race, and Science: Eugenics in the Deep South

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Epigenetics of Slave Breeding: Sex, Violence and Memory in African American History

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Deep eugenics in race science sex south

Although all six states ultimately established institutions for the feebleminded to promote eugenic segregation , they did so about a decade later than the Northern states. These measures, designed to protect "the children of tomorrow", were, however, largely unsuccessful Lombardo, pp. But it was the issue of compulsory sterilization that revealed distinctions most sharply. Process of the law Georgia's sterilization law was modeled after California's law. This recommendation then required approval by the three-member State Board of Eugenics. This was due to a relatively smaller number of urban middle-class as well as a smaller number of educated citizens. Louisiana State University political scientist Charles W. Decisions made by the board could be appealed in the form of a jury trial. Between and sterilizations were performed at an approximate rate of 80 per year and about 23 per , residents. Also, the main targets for eugenics in Georgia were patients of state institutions who were mainly white Larson, Sex, Race, and Science, p. This is an interesting argument, but it is not fully convincing. Passage of law s Georgia was the 32nd and last state to implement a sterilization law. While the first bill for a state-supported sterilization law was met with great opposition, it pioneered the way for future more successful attempts Lombardo, p. Only in their relations with blacks could Southern eugenicists escape modern censure. Reviewed by: And if there was little mass support for eugenics, this was not because of firmly held principles but because deficiencies in Southern higher education and the absence of a reading public kept eugenic ideas from deeply penetrating the region. Also like other states in the Deep South, Georgia had few foreign immigrants who were often the focus of eugenics programs in the north and west of the country Larson, Sex, Race, and Science, p. Deep eugenics in race science sex south

Deep eugenics in race science sex south

Deep eugenics in race science sex south

Deep eugenics in race science sex south

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    The rate of sterilizations decreased substantially after the year until it finally stopped around Between and these numbers increased further to approximately sterilizations per year, at a rate of about 9 sterilizations per , residents per year.

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    Groups targeted and victimized The main groups targeted by eugenicists in Georgia were the mentally or physically disabled.

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    Precipitating factors and processes Eugenics was not readily accepted in Georgia at first. Larson provides a detailed analysis of the various state laws and public policies--and the forces behind their implementation. Religion also played a large role in the delayed acceptance of eugenics in Georgia.

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