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Tumblr lingerie public

Case in point: Consumers and creators of porn on Tumblr aren't entirely sure where they'll go next. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer disagreed, arguing that targeting tools would keep content that isn't "brand-safe" read: The move comes less than two weeks after Apple pulled Tumblr from the iOS App Store after child pornography was found on the site. Lawmakers hailed the law as a means to give prosecutors more tools to combat combat sex trafficking. In other words: When the images shown in the gif were uploaded individually, two of the four examples—which appeared to show a breast ultrasound and a pro-choice protest, respectively—were similarly flagged and hidden. Then came the porn ban. The iOS Reddit apps currently available on the App Store have built-in features that prohibit porn subreddits from appearing in search, and make it extremely difficult for users to find NSFW content in-app without labor-intensive workarounds. Though the offending illegal content was removed quickly, according to Tumblr, the app has yet to return to the App Store it was never removed from the Google Play Store. Or at least it was. In its most recent blog post, Tumblr stated that its longstanding no-tolerance policy against child pornography should not be conflated with the move to ban adult content. There were already examples of this, ranging from pictures of cartoons to what looks to be accidental photos people took on their couches. Tumblr lingerie public

Tumblr lingerie public

Tumblr lingerie public

Tumblr lingerie public

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    The move comes less than two weeks after Apple pulled Tumblr from the iOS App Store after child pornography was found on the site. But the statute also tinkered with a bedrock provision of internet law, opening the door for platforms to be held criminally and civilly liable for the actions of their users. Platforms are incentivized to screw up on the side of over-blocking and collateral damage by misguided legislation that seeks to solve a non-problem but instead only makes it worse.

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    Fielser also worries that the LGBTQ people and sexual assault survivors who use Tumblr as a space for support could inadvertently be affected by the ban.

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    It all went swimmingly

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    You may have thought at that time that no better example could be found for how dumb auto-filters like this tend to behave.

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