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Jiggly jewels

By now I've learned to expect the bitter with the sweet, and with the fruit, as in life, I am still relishing every last drop. The choicest fruits are coddled all the way to the crate. The zest zips up vegetables, grains, and desserts. I can chill grapefruit segments in Cointreau-spiked gelatin for a throwback terrine with jiggly charm. But its hard to understand exactly what Cajuns are giving up — what with all of the beer, corn, potatoes, peeling crawfish and general merrymaking, a crawfish boil is always a serious party. At Michy's, chef Michelle Bernstein cures seafood in grapefruit juice. Downtown at restaurant Area 31, as I discovered, the fruit offsets rich crab in a salad strewn with hearts of palm, avocado, coconut, and ginger. Farmers cruise their fields in amphibious crawfish combines — a hybrid boat with wheels — to empty traps every day or two. I also adopted Betony's oleo-saccharum, an aromatic syrup made by storing peels in sugar, where they are left to weep their fragrant oils. Learn about the amazing science of the superabsorbent polymer as you grow giant, colorful, gooey, jelly crystals that look just like jewels. Green and the other day laborers he works with are responsible for harvesting some of the heaviest, juiciest, most flavorful citrus on earth—the exemplars of a fruit so good that it's named for paradise: I can fan slices of the broiled fruit atop a sweet, dense cake flavored with zest. Create slimy, gooey worms instantly! Jiggly jewels

Jiggly jewels

Jiggly jewels

Jiggly jewels

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    As a kid in the s, I was often served half a grapefruit at breakfast. The moment the worm goo is added to the activator solution, worms magically appear. Grow a treasure trove of colorful, squishy crystals just by adding water.

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    Make scientific observations, record your hypotheses and perform scientific calculations. Kennedy took out a pocketknife and cut me a wedge of fruit.

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    This year, feeling a bit bluer than usual, I decided rather than the grapefruit coming to me, I would go to the grapefruit. Green is 67, and he's been at this job for 49 years. Florida is the world's leading producer, and in Indian River County, they grow it like nowhere else.

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