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Jewish widows

In at least a half-dozen places, the Torah specifically mentions widows as among those needy individuals we should provide for when we give charity, agricultural tithes, and so on Deuteronomy There are numerous injunctions in the Bible to care for widows and orphans and to avoid taking advantage of their situation of having no husband or father to protect them. Here special consideration for the widow is called for because of the likelihood of emotional vulnerability. Widows in Bible times were in a very vulnerable position. But God stood ready to meet her needs. The love demonstrated has to be unconditional, with no thought of reciprocity nor recompense. Jaffe comments: Together Forever A final example of the rabbinic response to suffering, however, contrasts sharply with this last vision of a powerless Israel. Hebrew, the set of teachings and commentaries on the Torah that form the basis for Jewish law. Receive this truth. That is the background of the story of the widow in Nain. So where land, sold or encumbered to third parties, is needed to satisfy the ketubah, the oath required in all these cases is taken in the most solemn form Ket. The subject is considered one of the most intricate in Jewish law, partly because of the complication that arise from multiple brothers and multiple wives. The Scriptures seem to indicate that disgrace was often associated with widowhood. By Talmudic times the practice of levirate marriage was deemed secondary in preference to halizah by some of the rabbis, because of the brother's questionable intentions; [21] indeed, to marry a brother's widow for her beauty was regarded by Abba Saul as equivalent to incest. Jewish widows

Jewish widows

Jewish widows

Jewish widows

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    Samuel ben Isaac Jaffe, the sixteenth century author of the commentary Yefeh Anaf.

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    The oldest brother is given preference, but if he refuses, any brother can perform yibbum, and if a brother performed yibbum out of turn, it is nevertheless valid.

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