Fun family board games for adults Put Aside the Devices—These Are the 15 Best Family Board Games of 2018

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Fun family board games for adults

This is seriously the BEST family board game out there. The premise is simple: Missed a Flight? Find out the answers in this hit party game. An Amazon reviewer said: Exploding Kittens: Play continues until all the letter tiles are gone and someone uses up all their letters. Roots is a game of inventing words. But stay sharp: The good guys have to figure out who the spies are and eliminate them from the missions in order to succeed, while the spies pretend to be good guys so they can continue their sabotage. Fun family board games for adults

Fun family board games for adults

Fun family board games for adults

Fun family board games for adults

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    There are tons of great board games that require almost no set up, rules that make sense in under five minutes, and have room for lots of players.

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