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Supergirl VS Bizarro ROUND 1 ! (Supergirl 1x12)

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In Live-Action Supergirl episode "Bizarro" , Bizarrogirl's characterization is loosely based on Gates' version, incorporating traits such like her and Supergirl being reflections of each other. Bizarro takes both girls to his "Fortress of Togetherness" in where he shows Supergirl the "Godship", which arrived on Bizarro world. After saying goodbye to her, Supergirl goes back to home. What does Bizarro comes up when he has been caught red-handed? However her retirement plans are ruined when Bizarrogirl crash-lands on Metropolis. Light before knocking her out and making off with Bizarrogirl. In the aftermath of the destruction of New Krypton , the Last Children of Krypton are struggling through severe psychological damage and Survivor Guilt. Then she remembered about the man she killed back in Metropolis and locked herself, burdened by guilt. Big Bad: Supergirl reached Bizarro-Girl out, promising to "be scared" so that her Bizarro self can be brave. The story opens with a battle between Supergirl and Superwoman. Story by Sterling Gates. All Just a Dream: Big "NO! Lana yells that it's her decision to wallow in self-pity and guilt while people need her, but she will not support her. Others walk. Kara manages to encourage Bizarrogirl, and she rejoins the fight. Bizarrogirl




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    She wants to quit using her Kryptonian name because it only brings back painful memories and she wants to quit heroics because she deems herself as a failure. Supergirl threatens Bizarrogirl with smashing her rocket if she doesn't release her prisoners.

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    In order to feed, it spawns swarms of vaguely insect-like, giant, eyeless monsters which land on the targeted planet, eat everything and then return to the primary organism to be processed. Kara has her hurricane and freezing breath. Kara wakes up right as the ship arrives at Bizarro World.

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    Blue and Orange Morality: Chekhov's News: Cue energy blast from above.

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    Bizarro 1 put her in a rocket to escape the threat called Godship that was eating Bizarro World. Lana Lang:

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