Islands near australia for honeymoon Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

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The Whitsunday Islands - Travel Deeper Australia (Ep. 6)

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Islands near australia for honeymoon

A rite of passage, this death-defying act basically involves a metre drop with only liana vines tied around each ankle to catch you, and it's something you won't see anywhere else. A quiet destination free from the hoards of tourists, Niue's accommodation ranges from guesthouses to resorts and boutique self-contained lodges. Everywhere you turn, there's a jaw-droppingly gorgeous photo op that's sure to make your Insta followers jealous and the locals have the sort of genuine warmth that makes you feel right at home. Cairns, for laidback wildlife lovers The easygoing ambiance and tropical climate make Cairns one of the top Australia honeymoon destinations. September — October, between the high and low seasons with comfortable temperature and lower costs for travel. There are 14 beaches, divvied up between the guests to ensure whole days of solitude, with only a gourmet lunch and fantasising to break up lying on a beach. There are 14 super-spacious thatched-roof bures a distinctive style of hut threaded through gardens and divided by a pathway from the beach. It is located down a steep staircase at the end of a long jetty, resting on the ocean floor. Soak up the sun on the Whitsundays. Lizard Island, Tropical North Queensland One of three true coral cay resorts in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island is known for luxurious suites surrounded by a colourful underwater world and powdery white beaches, making it an ideal honeymoon destination. Times have changed, but that's not to say Hayman has gone downmarket — far from it. Krista Eppelstun. And there are many other options: This post was brought to you by The Wedding Vow. Aitutaki is arguably the most well-known and is unrivalled in the Islands for water activities, while Tapuaetai One Foot Island is brilliant for white sandy beaches and calm lagoons. Islands near australia for honeymoon

Islands near australia for honeymoon

Islands near australia for honeymoon

Islands near australia for honeymoon

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    Get there Flights are infrequent to the island, so book in advance. A maximum of 28 guests at any one time and only accessible by helicopter.

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    Or opt for the hidden retreat rooms, which must be the island's best-kept secret.

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