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Brain Dead - 2007_(Fucking huge boobs)

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Naturally, it resurrects the severed head of a maniacal Norse warrior who is hellbent on terrorizing a hapless group of teenagers. Or something like that. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Must be seen to be believed. Both movies feature newly pregnant, single mothers coping in the aftermath of car accidents. Think American Pie in the woods where the pie eats the kids. The black hodag, a uniquely Wisconsin creature from the Rhinelander area, is the bloodthirsty killer in this old school horror flick about half naked teenagers getting slaughtered in the woods. Goofy, yes, fun, yes, absolutely insane, yes. A Midnight Movie Masterpiece. The movie follows Dawn Jess Weixler through a series of formative sexual experiences. Dead Weight Dead Weight is set in a post-apocalyptic Wisconsin. It turned out the surgeon had just pulled the skin taut and failed to tighten the underlying muscles. I was gutted. The latest abomination from the mob is called Hole in the Wall , an anthology comprised of seven short films. Horror boobs

Horror boobs

Horror boobs

Horror boobs

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    She said: If in doubt do not view. The foreskin was 15 times as swollen as it should be.

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    Who knew Jason Voorhees and Gloria Steinem had so much in common? What lies underneath this thin plot is an involved look at the interactions of adolescent females trying to discover themselves. Here are some indie horror flicks made from a Wisconsin-grown passion for blood and guts:

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