Pam and tommy tape Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape: How the stolen footage went viral and shocked the world

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[REAL] HOW TO GET ALL PAMELA/TOMMY TAPES!! - Friday the 13th: The Game

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Pam and tommy tape

WireImage Read More 'I'm not a lesbian Most websites were eyesores, and there was no such thing as streaming video. However, in typical Pamela and Tommy fashion, they made up their own rules about their relationship. And several people claim this is the case, including a former Vivid Entertainment employee. Seven years ago he moved up the coast, where he now lives, alone. Supposedly, Lee refused to pay Gauthier for work he considered to be poorly done. Tommy and Pamela were unsuccessful in blocking the release and tired of fighting, so they settled. Specifically, by helping him send a message to some of the other people who owed him money. Anderson and Lee have never quite been able to escape the shadow of the sex tape, but both seem to have done their best to move on and even poke fun at themselves. In , an intimate home video of Tommy and Pamela went up for sale online. I don't know. But once a few bulk deliveries had gone out, the dog-eat-dog logic of the Internet became apparent: On Nov. Pam and tommy tape

Pam and tommy tape

Pam and tommy tape

Pam and tommy tape

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    After initially being annoyed, the actress agreed to go have a drink with him. So he headed to the Netherlands, for more prostitutes, more drugs and more time crouched over computers, posting thousands upon thousands of ads in adult-oriented forums and newsgroups.

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    Getty Read More Pamela Anderson reveals saucy secrets about sex life with toyboy international footballer boyfriend Adil Rami Rolling Stone reports the worker initially wanted to leave the couple and his spell of work for them behind for good, but when he returned to get his tools, Lee allegedly pointed a gun at him - angering him enough to spend the entire summer of planning the huge heist. Horrified, they filed a police report and hired Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano to suss out what had happened.

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    Do you remember this scandal? I wish I had something like that.

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    Most websites were eyesores, and there was no such thing as streaming video.

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