The girl from nitro circus And ... action! Jolene Van Vugt lands in Hollywood

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More than 11 minutes of Nitro Circus Crashes

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The girl from nitro circus

Meet The 1st Female Member Of The Nitro Circus Motocross Team January 21, Just when you thought motocross and daredevil stunts was only for boys, along comes this woman who is about to change that forever. I did! Fun Fact: Please read the rules before joining the discussion. Me and some of my girlfriends are gonna go tear It up, girly style. Rest in peace to one of NitroCircus ' finest I know my surgeon really well laughs. The Canadian girl has been riding bikes since she was 11, and to date has lost count of how many bones she has broken, but she prefers not to keep tally a she says in an interview with ABC news its bad karma anyway. Roner's death comes four months after world-famous wingsuit flyer Dean Potter and fellow adventurer Graham Hunt fatally crashed after the pair leaped from Taft Point, 3,feet above Yosemite Valley, attempting to clear a V-shaped notch in a ridgeline. Did you feel a lot of pressure to amp up the intensity of the stunts for the new season? The girl from nitro circus

The girl from nitro circus

The girl from nitro circus

The girl from nitro circus

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