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How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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Static free hair products

An alternative: Celebrity hairstylist Deycke Heidorn recommends starting with a quality shampoo and conditioner that caters to dry hair. Using plastic combs and brushes on your hair can cause static electricity, much like that old trick you did as a kid of making your hair stand up by rubbing a plastic balloon on it. Instead of washing your hair every day, shampoo every other day. Plastic will only make your hair more staticky, whereas a metal comb won't. But focusing the hair product just on the bottoms will beat the staticky hairs back quite effectively. For one, since winter air often has low or no humidity, static electricity is often worse during the season water is a great conductor of energy, so the higher the humidity, the less static is an issue. If you like your hair to have a tousled look, Ungaro suggests braiding or pulling it back into a tight bun and simply undoing it once you arrive at your destination. Though the problem is magnified for ladies with fine hair, just about every hair type has to deal with mind-of-its-own, electrically charged hair at some point. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Your hair will be wavy without having to use heat. Using hot tools can also drain your hair of its moisture, which is why Ungaro always uses a heat protector spray when styling all her clients. It can remove moisture and oils from your scalp and hair. And those hats we wear in winter to keep ourselves warm? Plus, with a braid tight to your head, you can avoid hat hair. Fine hair can be even more prone to static cling, says Tina Dizon, hairstylist and founder of the Private Room in Beverly Hills, California. Hair sticks to our cheeks, flies away from our heads and ruins just about every photo we take. Static free hair products

Static free hair products

Static free hair products

Static free hair products

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    And those hats we wear in winter to keep ourselves warm? Plus, with a braid tight to your head, you can avoid hat hair.

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    At the risk of getting too science-y, static hair is caused when there is an imbalance of positive and negative atoms protons and electrons in the strands.

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