How to help a grieving widow 10 Ways to Help a Friend Who Is a New Widow

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How to help a grieving widow

So why not invite your friend and their kids away for a few days? Bring Food, but Coordinate with Others When tragedy hits, people tend to show up with casseroles, cookies and other edibles. While you may be tempted to avoid talking about the deceased, not mentioning the person may make it seem as if they never existed. This is not a competition. Widows are not monolithic. Give your friend the gift of healing through music by creating an emotional playlist that includes songs reminding her of happy, loving, and fond memories. You don't even need to go out -- just be there for the date as scheduled. At worst it can be debilitating. Maybe there was a certain brownie from a particular bakery you would always bring your friend when she needed cheering up. Her research was with terminally ill cancer patients and how they faced their diagnoses. Is it the biology or the emotional relationship that matters more? How to help a grieving widow

How to help a grieving widow

How to help a grieving widow

How to help a grieving widow

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    Go through the pictures you have of her husband or her with him and give them to her in a meaningful way like a scrapbook or collage. And that, strangely, means everything. Refer to the deceased by name:

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