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Gossip girl episodes wikipedia

The title of the episode is based off of the movie title, "Never Been Kissed. The rivalry between Nate and Chuck over Blair comes to a head. Meanwhile, Serena and Lily don't see eye to eye over Serena's recent run in with the law. From the film, Save the Last Dance. Vanessa and Chuck come to Nate's aid when he is again being forced to confront his father's crimes. From the film, Gone Baby Gone. Meanwhile, Rufus and Lily's relationship becomes strained as Rufus seeks details about the child he never knew he had. While visiting Yale, Chuck is kidnapped by a group of Skull and Bones members and Nate hooks up with a student who may hold the key to Dan's acceptance. Chuck is then in the middle of proposing to Blair, when Dan comes and punches him, and Blair immediately finds out that Jenny and Chuck slept together. Blair receives devastating news about her future that leads her on a witch-hunt for the person responsible. At the masked ball, Blair sends Nate on a scavenger hunt, but Nate is ultimately distracted by his feelings for Serena. Gossip girl episodes wikipedia

Gossip girl episodes wikipedia

Gossip girl episodes wikipedia

Gossip girl episodes wikipedia

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    Title based off of the movie The Age of Innocence. Not wanting to risk his future, Dan clashes with Serena on how to handle the aftermath. Finally, Blair is devastated by Nate's actions after she finds out what really happened at the masked ball.

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    While working on a documentary project, Vanessa accidentally captures Blair and Chuck discussing their affair. Jenny is sent to live with her mother in Hudson.

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