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Bad things about capricorns

They're cold stone sober at times, being of the season of the longest nights. What else? A Capricorn that's denied herself the comforts of private life, in pursuit of that career peak, can lash out, until they realize what's missing. Here are some negative traits of this zodiac: There's a touch of the survivalist in Capricorn, who works hard to make it through tough times. That's when Capricorn gets morose, despairing over all that's wrong, and how things are seemingly getting worse and worse. The Scrooge And then there's the materialism of Capricorn, the love of worldly things taken to its extreme. No matter how much they achieve, they always think of themselves as under-achievers. Those born under this zodiac sign are sensible, secure, and sensitive in their own space. Confronted with spectral visions of what he is, what he has been, and what he will be if he keeps going int he same direction, Scrooge sees the light - it is, after all, a solstice tale - and opens his heart to the true wealth of friends. Constantly wearing masks to prevent people from seeing his real person, he is actually extremely loyal and affectionate. They are generally stubborn people who will always stick to their beliefs and way of doing things. Bad things about capricorns

Bad things about capricorns

Bad things about capricorns

Bad things about capricorns

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    It's in this deep dark that we have that kind of life review, those "spectral visions" of what will unfold, if the path isn't altered.

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    But if the even longer view is seen, Capricorn becomes the sign of ancient earth, with chronologies marked in epochs that they find peace with contemporary life. When angered, this zodiac can be quite brutal and will cut you down with their words. But in their minds, they're dying for you to hurry up or move over and let them do the job.

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    Send My Copy! Will they be tyrants or rule fairly? Do you find these 12 things true about a Capricorn?

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