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Egyptian Cultural Values and Beliefs

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Egyptian customs and beliefs

Handshakes are somewhat limp and prolonged, although they are always given with a hearty smile and direct eye contact. Instructions became a popular literary genre of the New Kingdom , taking the form of advice on proper behavior. The Coptic church is headed by a patriarch and supported by bishops and parish priests. A polygynous man usually maintains two households. In less anonymous situations handshakes are due. The level of consumption of animal protein depends almost entirely on wealth and is itself a sign of wealth. Not scheduling in the next meeting could spell the end regardless of how successful the first meeting may have been. Also very common in Egypt are associations of mystics Sufi brotherhoods. Another problem is family face less money saved or given to the wife and children Overall, but same time it is a wide general problem and is not exclusively a result of polygamy. Farm labor is primarily family labor, based on the rural family household. Individual houses are rare. Peaceful People , Egyptian customs and beliefs

Egyptian customs and beliefs

Egyptian customs and beliefs

Egyptian customs and beliefs

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